The evaluation process:

An initial appointment is scheduled that will include completion of patient information forms, information regarding office policies and procedures and insurance documentation.  Following completion of general information forms, you will be seen for an initial interview.  The initial interview will be to discuss the reason for the assessment, any problems or concerns that you and family/friends are having and current and past medical conditions. 

Following the initial interview, specific neuropsychological tests will be selected that will be administered on a second appointment. On the second appointment you will meet with a licensed or temporarily licensed psychologist who will administer the tests that were selected.  A third appointment will be scheduled to review and discuss the results of the assessment.

The results of the neuropsychological assessment will be sent to your referring doctor or health care professional. You will be given a summary of the results of the assessment and recommendations when the report is reviewed.

The length of time for test administration varies depending on the tests that are selected and each persons unique abilities. Test administration can last anywhere from 2 to 5 hours.  Breaks are often taken during testing. If because of fatigue or discomfort, test administration is not completed, it can be rescheduled for completion on another day. Areas of functioning that are examined often include memory, language, academic abilities, attention/concentration, visual/spatial functioning, planning and problem solving, motor skills and coordination, personality and behavior.  

Get rest the night before, have a good meal, and dress comfortably. Bring a snack if you would like to have one during a break. Water and coffee or tea is available at the office. Since you will be completing tasks that include reading, writing, and drawing it is important that you bring any necessary reading or eyeglasses, hearing aids, or other adaptive equipment.

Relax and do not worry!